"The young cast radiates energy and emotion. Director Talley Murphy's creative blocking means that there is always something to look at." - Washington Post

"The highly conceptual theatrical event ... broke the fourth wall to encourage audience interaction ... The staging created the visual dichotomy of Antigone confined to a box, eventually buried in a bucketful of sand by the chorus." -  Columbia Daily Spectator

"In the final moments [of Macbeth in the Basement], the audience is assured 'this is not a protest play.' It was about feeling emotion and dealing with hard things." - MD Theatre Guide

"The stage direction was wonderfully innovative ... brilliantly directed by Talley Murphy." - , Bwog 

"There were no bows. The cast instead pulled members of the audience on stage with them until it filled up ... actors and audience members were now indistinguishable from one another. There were no more physical or narrative limits—only an outpouring of love and solidarity." - Columbia Daily Spectator

"A wholly new interpretation on the established classic ... impressive." -  Bwog